Sunday, March 21

Living Free: Vegan and Wheat-Free

I've been vegan for a long time-- avoiding dairy, meat, and other animal products in my food, clothing, and personal products. Although I was already vegetarian, a friend dared me to give up dairy for two weeks in August 1997, and I never went back.

Because there weren't many vegan products available back then and because I was a poor college student, I had to learn to cook. Over the years I've learned a lot about making healthy food that my omnivorous husband (I met him just weeks after becoming vegan) also enjoys. I've fallen in love with food-- farmers' markets, gardening, cookbooks, baking blogs, you name it.

That's been well and good for years now, but suddenly in early March 2010 my husband was diagnosed with a wheat allergy! Just a couple of weeks eschewing wheat products have made a visible difference in his health. We're ready to go for it. But I have to rethink all of my go-to meals of pizza, soup with homemade bread, mac & "cheez," barbecued seitan.

Luckily, I'm well prepared for the challenge: I already read labels, love to improvise, and have some culinary tricks up my sleeves. That, and I'm determined to make this change as painless as possible for my spouse, as well as share ideas and inspiration with anyone who finds themselves suddenly "gleegan." Bring on the vegan, wheat-free living!

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Always read ingredient labels carefully (and re-read periodically) to make sure that products actually are vegan and/or gluten-free.