Monday, November 1

Molasses cookies

Happy Vegan Month of Food! To start it off right: cookies! This was my favorite cookie recipe before the great event that removed wheat (and the rest of gluten-y items) from our lives. I haven't put much into finding new gluten-free cookie recipes because most of them are such a disappointing waste of ingredients.

Molasses cookies
Wet ingredients
Dry ingredients

But this recipe is amazing. It always produces chewy, spicy cookies-- almost a light gingerbread-- equally good warm out of the oven or cooled down the next day. And it makes the perfect amount of dough to bake all at once on a standard cookie sheet, so you don't have to refrigerate the leftovers and worry about getting around to baking the rest.

For the 1 cup and 2 tbsp flour, I used almost a cup of sorghum flour, topped off with Bob's Red Mill gluten free all-purpose baking mix, plus the two tablespoons of the latter. I also added 1/4 tsp of xanthan gum. And as is the case with any cinnamon-y spiced item, I always add a bit of fresh grated nutmeg. Don't bother with the powdered stuff.

Go forth and conquer the vegan, gluten-free molasses cookie!


  1. These cookies were excellent, just a bit chewier than I expected though.

  2. These look great! Do you post at the PPK? If not, do you know there's a whole section of the forum devoted to gluten-free?

    Anyway, I never got to go to the Manzanita farmar, because when I lived in CB I was relying on public transit and it's quite limited between Manzanita and CB. CB's fills about half of a quite large parking lot adjacent to the police station in midtown. I know they get vendors from Seaside and Astoria as well as down to Manzanita. Manzanita is adorable, anyway.


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