Friday, October 21

Off the Griddle

Tonight we went with a friend to Off the Griddle, a solar-powered all-vegetarian food cart in Southeast Portland serving mainly veggie burgers. I've eaten there about three times before, and what stands out is their inconsistency. I've had a delicious, fully-flavored sandwich and I've also had a bare and boring burger. Tonight was something in between.

I had the special, which was a pumpkin curry falafel burger with tahini sauce, fresh tomato and lettuce. Their house-made OTG burger patties are gluten-free, and gluten-free bread is available for a dollar extra.

I wanted to love it. It was pretty good, but not great. The burger had a nice pumpkin flavor, but I wouldn't have known there was curry except that I was told. The tomato and lettuce were beautifully fresh, covered in the thin tahini sauce, and went well with the thin, soft, whole-grain bun. The sauce was nicely savory, but could've used a bit of a kick-- maybe more salt or lemon juice.

Off the Griddle veggie burfer

Just a burger wasn't enough for me, either; I had to get dessert later to fill up. While this visit wasn't memorable, I really like the idea of this cart, so I will likely be back. It's nice to have options when I don't have time to cook!


  1. I love the food truck scene you guys have over there, I wish we had it here too.

    That burger does look good and I love that they have gf buns too!

  2. What a shame that you had a meh experience. I went there once and really loved my burger. I saw that they are opening a cafe, so maybe it will help with consistency.


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