Tuesday, October 30

Food bag feast

Food bag feast

(This is a belated VeganMofO post for Monday, October 29.)

This year, at my place of work, there were bags of produce and ingredients for only $15, to make four interesting recipes. I couldn't resist the deal. So last night, with the help of my dad, I made an apple crisp, green bean salad, and carrot-sweet potato-ginger soup. The green beans really stole the show, with a dressing created from readymade tomatillo salsa. The crisp wasn't my favorite-- I prefer a chunkier topping-- and I would've added more spices to the soup, although I love it's hearty healthiness. I also made up some Gardein chick'n patties and spaghetti squash, and bought a gorgeous olive focaccia slab from Little T Bakery.

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