Thursday, November 18

Choosing cheezes: sharp cheddar

For my third homemade cheeze, I wanted to find an agar agar based recipe, something very different from the three-day-long process I've used for cheezes so far. Years ago I took a class through the community college called "David's Vegetarian Kitchen" focused on such cheezes, but when I found the cookbook I bought from the class, there were no such recipes.

After a quick web search, I found a good candidate. I whipped it up while waiting to pick up some friends visiting from Alaska, and put it in the fridge to set while we were at dinner. We ended up going to a movie, so I just now got home with only 30 minutes to get my Vegan MoFo post in! Hence the truly un-artful photo.

Sharp cheddar cheeze

The flavor of this cheeze is amazing-- spot-on sharp cheddar. The coconut oil gives it a full, fatty mouth-feel. The texture of is very much like soft, artificial Velveeta. Next time I'd use more agar agar to make a firmer texture. Actually, I would use this recipe without the agar agar for cheeze sauce-- it tastes great! I really like the way the author breaks down the "macros" of why dairy cheese tastes the way it does, and how to recreate that with non-dairy items. That intense scientific method pays off. This is the best cheeze I've had yet.

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