Wednesday, November 17

Sweet potato chipotle bisque

After making quinoa-corn chowder from Viva Vegan!, I had to go back and make the recipe that first caught my eye: sweet potato chipotle bisque. Mine's not really a bisque as I didn't blend it smooth, preferring to leave some chunky texture. I made it on Sunday but we didn't get around to eating it until tonight, when Ann came over to watch The Girl Who Played with Fire. First we had a roasted baby beet, spinach, hazelnut and feta salad while we waited for the gluten free baguette that Ann brought from New Cascadia bakery to warm up in the oven.

Sweet potato chipotle bisque

I topped the soup with marinated, pan-fried tofu to add some substance, and a dollop of Tofutti Sour Supreme (also brought by Ann). This soup is really good-- spicy, sweet, and the addition of white potatoes adds an earthy complexity. I will definitely make it again, maybe with chickpeas or another bean, spinach or a hearty green, and cilantro.

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