Tuesday, November 16

Open-face veggie burgers

Although I spent five hours in the kitchen on Sunday, I made mostly smooth, saucy things that don't photograph well: tomato sauce, sweet potato chipotle bisque (from Viva Vegan), pureed roasted pumpkin, and chocolate chip cookies (from Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix). And tonight when we got home at 8pm, we needed dinner fast. It's not very photogenic either, although it sure beats purees. So here are the open-face veggie burgers (SprouTofu Veggie Burger) I had for dinner-- on a spelt bagel (we're trying spelt, although it's related to wheat, to see if Erik is sensitive to it), with Veganaise, spinach and pickle slices. One burger has barbeque sauce on it and the other has salsa. Served with frozen waffle fries, which are the reason this is a 15 minute dinner rather than a 10 minute one.

Open-face veggie burgers

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  1. I actually think you did a nice job on this picture, I like the pickle.


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