Monday, November 29

Vegan in Kauai

I'm in Kauai for a nice, long week, so I missed a few days posting for Vegan MoFo. While I'm not cooking here (unless making stovetop popcorn and putting together sandwiches count), I am eating, so I thought I'd post about some of the places we've had good meals. Unfortunately I've been remiss at taking photos of food, but I did manage one snap of a particularly good dish, most of the way through. Hey, I'm on vacation!

Vegan plate at Josselin's Tapas

This lovely dinner was a special vegan plate made up for me at Josselin's Tapas Bar & Grill in Koloa, in the fancy shopping center near our condo. A couple of the tapas might have been vegan-izable, but I was very happy to have a big plate of well-roasted/grilled veggies, including potatoes, heirloom carrots, squash, eggplant, and fresh tomatoes served over naan bread. They originally brought a plate loaded with mushrooms, which I unfortunately had to send back (I had specified that I'm allergic). $21 for a huge, satisfying meal is not bad at all in Hawaii, especially at a fairly fancy restaurant. Without the naan, this would be gluten-free.

Another memorable meal was the tofu satay plate at Mermaids Cafe in Kapa'a. Erik and I shared the large plate of brown rice, chewy fried tofu and veggies in a nice, mild peanut sauce. They also have Thai iced tea available with coconut milk. Service was slow but it seemed to be because the place was so popular. There's a coffeeshop next door with a sign proclaiming vegan and gluten-free treats, but they were sold out when we were there-- around 2pm on Sunday. Hopefully we'll swing by again and get to try them.


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