Friday, October 7

Sizzle Pie

It seems to be a theme for my MoFo this year, but once again we were out running errands (buying new running shoes before a long run tomorrow morning) late after work, and needed a quick dinner. We decided on Sizzle Pie, because it was nearby-- the original is on East Burnside, and now there's one on West Burnside where Rocco's used to be across from Powell's bookstore.

This was my second pizza from Sizzle Pie. My first, the intriguingly named "New Maps Out of Hell" (creamy basil cashew spread, soy curls and three veggies. I chose spinach, pineapple and tomato) was a little disappointing. The spread was sparse, not creamy or particularly flavorful. The crust was also bland: not crisp, thin, flaky, thick or toothsome. Just medium all around.

Despite that lackluster experience, the pies have such inventive combinations that I was eager to try again. We ordered a "Steve Caballero"-- marinara, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, onions and Daiya cheeze. Fresh from the oven, it was painfully hot and tantalizingly fragrant. The pepperoni was rubbery and the onions weren't well cooked (I hate raw onions), but overall it was really satisfying and tasty. I will definitely try another of their plentiful, creative, vegan combos again soon.


  1. It sounds like a pretty good pizza place and I'm with you on raw onions, ick!

  2. Thanks for the review! I have been eyeing Sizzle Pie and trying to decide what I would order.


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