Thursday, October 27


Well I used yesterday as my "free day" (I've allowed myself one weekday a week off from MoFo this year, because damn, I need it) but clearly I needed another one today.

Yesterday I made burgers for dinner, possibly the laziest meal we do around here. This time I pan-fried the patties with Daiya on top and cut them in half to roll up in a tortilla with Veganaise, spinach, pickle slices and BBQ sauce; we were out of bread. The burger wraps were great, though, because I'm usually overpowered by the bread and eat all of my sandwiches open-faced.

Last night I also started falling asleep on the couch at 9pm, although I had to get up and do things so I didn't get to bed til 11, which is still early for me.

Fresh off six hours of sleep (not all at once of course, but that's pretty good for me) I thought I'd make something MoFo-worthy tonight, no problem.

Then plans changed and we went to a bar straight after work... Followed by takeout from Los Gorditos, because what else do you eat when you're starving after going to a foodless bar?

So all I have for tonight is to tell you that I am super excited for the weekend to try out the jackfruit brisket recipe from Sunny Days in Texas and a couple of testing recipes from Terry Hope Romero's upcoming cookbook. Hurrah! Hurry up and get here, weekend.

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