Tuesday, October 2

Tomatoes and lazy pickles

Tomatoes and lazy pickles

First, an explanation is in order. This year-- especially while I tend to half-cook (and half-prep, using pre-made ingredients) the same handful of dinners in 20 minutes for a toddler with an impending bedtime-- I'll forgo the usual end-of-day explanation of my biggest meal.

Instead I'll focus on snacks, which I am known for eating all day long. I usually take two or three to work each day, with the self-imposed rule that at least one of them must be raw (and of course gluten-free and vegan). Bonus points if they're all raw, whole foods, and soy free, since I get enough soy during other meals. So look here for healthy, quick, and hopefully well-varied snack ideas all month long.

Today's snacks:

  • Tomatoes-- the ones in front are "Black Cherry," picked from my garden minutes before this. The rest are from my CSA including a brand new black variety created locally that I can't wait to try.
  • Cheezy chipotle kale chips-- I tried these at VegFest and fell in love. This company has the most creative flavors, like hibiscus and pink peppercorn.
  • Cucumber-- from my garden, seeded and cut into strips, sprinkled with rice vinegar and a dash of sea salt. After a few hours marinating, they're like light, crisp pickles but much quicker to make.
  • White bean hummus-- for dipping


  1. I sampled those chips the other day and they are amazing!!

  2. This combination is basically my idea of a perfect light meal/snack. Love the idea of blogging about your snacks!


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