Wednesday, October 3

Apples and peas

Apples and peas
Today's snacks:
  • Honeycrisp apple-- my current favorite, from the farmers market.

  • Snap peas-- I never know what to call these. "Peas" sound like the loose ones. Pea pods? I also get confused between the plump and the flat ones. I prefer the plump ones for snacking and the flat ones for cooking.

  • Plain soy yogurt-- sometimes for eating straight, sometimes for dipping the apple slices. This is Wholesoy brand, because it comes in the big container. Vanilla is too sweet. Sometimes I add a spoonful of jam if I want sweet and fruity.

  • SeaSnax-- not pictured. I love seaweed in many forms.


  1. Wholesoy is my favorite vegan yogurt. I've had the coconut kind, and wasn't a fan. I worked at a grocery store, and we referred to the flat peas as 'snow peas' and the plump ones as 'sugar peas'. :)

  2. I know, peas have too many names. I suppose those are peas and the flat ones are always called snow peas over here!

    I've been snacking on apples lately, too!

  3. See, this is so smart. I so frequently eat crap for snacks and just looking at that picture I remember what I should be doing. Also, I dislike most seaweeds but love me some wasabi sea snax.


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