Monday, October 31

Brunch at Portobello

We made it to Portobello's new brunch yesterday. Unfortunately it doesn't start til 11am, so it's solidly brunch and not breakfast. It was tough to eat a very light breakfast at home and then wait til they opened to have a real meal.

We arrived at a quarter after 11, and although the tables were about two-thirds full, it took about twenty minutes before we were seated. The menu is tiny, but custom for the day, and the entrees each sound amazing. We opted for the sweet waffle* and the savory waffle, and split them (*full disclosure-- the sweet waffle was not gluten free).

Sweet waffle

The sweet waffle was described as "roasted sweet potato, rootbeer, rum waffle with soy-free earth balance, maple syrup and roast stone fruits." The savory waffle was a "savory cornmeal waffle with spicy red beans, cashew ricotta, pickled red onions, roasted corn, and tomato sauce."

Both were amazing. I wouldn't have guessed rootbeer for the flavor of the sweet waffle, but it was sweet without being cloying, rich, buttery and amazing with the hot grilled peaches. The savory waffle was piled high with fresh-tasting toppings and much more filling.

Savory waffle

Even Erik was impressed. Our bottomless French press coffee was thick and strong, just as I like it. And the bill came to only twenty dollars! The only downside is that it took nearly two hours overall, which doesn't seem maintainable. Hopefully they're streamline service a bit, and maybe even open earlier. I can't wait to go back to taste what they come up with.


  1. Rootbeer? Holy cow, I love the creativity of people! Where is Portobello's, Susan?

  2. It's in the mecca of veganity: Portland, OR, USA. At the corner of SE 12th and Division, to be specific. If you're ever in Portland, it's a must!


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