Thursday, October 4

Asian pear and tomatoes

Asian pear and tomatoes
Today's snacks:
  • Asian pear-- I've been trading backyard produce with a co-worker, who brought me four lovely Asian pears. They smell like butterscotch and have a nice juicy crunch.

  • Tomatoes-- Same as from Tuesday (from my Sun Gold Farms CSA) but without the extras from my garden.

  • Corn thins-- These are just like rice cakes, but with a toasty corn flavor (since they're made from corn, not rice). They're also thinner, so they're easier for my one-year-old to eat, which is how we discovered them in the first place.

  • Plain soy yogurt-- not pictured. I didn't get around to eating it yesterday, since I polished off the kale chips from Tuesday.

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