Friday, October 5

Plums, carrots and blueberries

Plums, carrots and blueberries
Today's snacks:
  • Cheeze sauce-- A quickie from dinner last week. It needs to be used, so I thought I'd try dipping the carrots in it. It tasted strangely sweet and not great. I won't try that again soon!

  • "Purple Haze" carrots-- These are my favorite. So beautiful. The foliage is tipped with hot pink, too.

  • Plums-- From my CSA delivery yesterday. There seem to be two kinds: the tiny ones have a bitter edge, and the larger ones are sweeter.

  • Blueberries-- Picked with my dad during his last visit. Last you-pick of the season, and it was a struggle to find these tiny things. Eating them reminds me of him.

  • Gala apple-- from the CSA.


  1. Mmm, yummy looking produce! I'm not usually a fan of using carrots as a dipper because I find them too sweet in general but those plums look perfect!

  2. Those purple carrots are so fun!


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