Tuesday, October 9

Asian pear, carrots, plums... and a cheat

Asian pear, carrots, plums

Confession time. I didn't just eat the incredibly healthy snacks pictured here. Today I got a bit tired of all the fresh fruit and veg, especially since the Asian pears and plums are on their way out. I was craving a chocolate energy-type bar yesterday but didn't give in. Today I had to stop by the store at work for a new bus pass, where I came face-to-face with my old favorite Luna bar. She won. Time to start packing some more complex, interesting snacks.

Today's snacks:
  • Asian pear-- Well, these are the same Asian pears from my coworker. Not quite as nice and crisp anymore. Just trying to not waste them. Erm.

  • Plums-- From my CSA delivery. Mostly the small bitter ones. Just trying to not waste them. Erm.

  • Carrots-- From the farmers' market a few weeks ago. Surprisingly sweet. Best thing pictured here.

  • Kale chips-- Not pictured.

  • Nutz over Chocolate Luna bar-- Not pictured.

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