Monday, October 8

Plums, peach, kale chips

Plums, peach, kale chips
Today's snacks:
  • Plums-- From my CSA delivery yesterday. There seem to be two kinds: the tiny ones have a bitter edge, and the larger ones are sweeter.

  • Peach-- From the farmers' market on Saturday. Gotta hold onto summer somehow! This one had a nasty spot this morning, so it had to be eaten today.

  • Kale chips-- I always make Brendan Brazier's sour cream & onion recipe.

  • Cucumber (lazy pickles)-- from my garden, seeded and cut into strips, sprinkled with rice vinegar and a dash of sea salt. After a few hours marinating, they're like light, crisp pickles but much quicker to make. This time I added a tiny bit of cumin and coriander, too.

  • Roasted spaghetti squash seeds-- Not pictured. I made a meal with spaghetti squash last week, and saved the seeds to roast. They're exactly like pumpkin seeds. Season with salt and spices. I used a chipotle blend.

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