Friday, October 12

Chocolate, okra, sandwich

Chocolate, okra, sandwich

I'm going to Chicago to visit one of my best friends-- haven't been in at least ten years!-- so today's snacks are for the hour and a half in the airport (Portland's is, predictably, pretty vegan-friendly but I'd rather bring my own) and four-plus hour flight. I'm writing this from my phone, at the airport, so please excuse typos and perhaps the wrong photo for a while.

Today's snacks:
  • Chocolate-- With nuts for extra protein.

  • Roasted okra-- Surprisingly, these were at the farmers market last week. I didn't get to use them in a meal, so I roasted them in olive oil & salt last night for a great room temperature bite today.

  • Sandwich-- Hummus, Veganaise, spinach, Tofurky bologna (not gluten-free).

  • Honeycrisp apple-- Again, my fave.

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