Thursday, October 11

Peach, tomatoes, green beans

Peach, tomatoes, green beans
Today's snacks:
  • Peach-- From the farmers' market.

  • "Black cherry" tomatoes-- Just picked from the garden. Despite our decent summer, this thing still hasn't produced much. There's more fruit on there than it has yielded so far, so I see a green tomato sauce in my future.

  • "Rainbow trio" green beans-- Besides black plants, I am most enamored of rainbow. I planted these for a late fall crop and they've been doing great.

  • Plums-- Still trying to get through those $#(*&#$! plums from the CSA!

  • Kale chips-- Not pictured. From the same homemade batch.

1 comment:

  1. If I had any of that I would eat it all. Nice CSA!


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